Weekipedia: this week & next @skillsmatter

It’s been a rare quieter week at Skills Matter this week. So far May has seen the launch of the annual Progressive Java Tutorials and Progressive NOSQL Tutorials (follow both links for all the videos), and coming at the end of the month is the Progressive .NET utorials (featuring Don Syme on F#, dontcha know) — so it’s been good this week to have time to breathe.  Though that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s quietSo what’s at Skills Matter next week?

May 22: In The Brain of Paul Ardeleanu: Native vs HTML5 - why, when and how to use themPaul Ardeleanu — “Geek in Chief” at Hello 24 — comes to Skills Matter on May 22 to present on Native vs HTML5 – particularly why, when and how to use them his.  Paul will talk about how HTML5 is the ubiquitous platform for the web and how it cannot be dismissed any longer as a incomplete solution. It is both something entirely new and what HTML was always supposed to be. Once you “get it’, it’ll change the way you think about the web..  Sign up here.

Gradle guru Luke Daley will be at Skills Matter to present on Managing Javascript with In The Brain of Luke Daley: Managing JavaScript with GradleGradle.  Luke will looks at some of the options for managing your client side code assets such as JavaScript in your Gradle builds with some of the Gradle plugins that have sprung up in this area. We’ll look at minification, unification, dependency management and other issues that need to be tackled for modern web software development. May 22sign up here.

Still buzzing from the Progressive Java Tutorials and Progressive NOSQL Tutorials, the Neo4j User Group will be at Skills Matter on May 23 with a talk from Toby O’Rourke and Michael McCarthy who will be presenting their experiences of Introducing Neo4j into a Relational Database OrganisationSign up here.  Neo4j leader Jim Webber is also looking for speakers to give lightning talks at future meetings: If you have something to share, send your pitch on over to jim@neotechnology.com!

May 24: sign up nowMay 24 is going to be a busy night, as Gael Fraiteur comes to Skills Matter to give a talk on Multithreading beyond the lock keyword.  As multi-core hardware becomes ubiquitous, system developers can no longer rely on a superficial knowledge of multithreading programming. In this talk, Gael will dust-off low-level synchronization primitives and show how to design programs that make better use of multiple cores. Check out the companies and their tech passions here — and sign up while you can.

May 24: sign up nowHead to head with Gael Fraiteur comes Christophe Coenrates on May 24, with his talk on Cross-Platform Mobile Apps with HTML, JavaScript and PhoneGap. Christophe will cover modern strategies to build large JavaScript projects using JavaScript MVC frameworks, and how to use PhoneGap to leverage the native capabilities of your device in JavaScript and to package your HTML application as a native app for distribution through the different app stores. Sign up now

And what is there to check out and catch up on from this week at Skills Matter?

London Ruby User Group: Ruby’s bin men and Dependency Injection
In The Brain of Phil Trelford & Tomas Petricek: F# for Commodities Trading
In The Brain of Oren Eini aka Ayende Rahien: Sharding And Scaling with RavenDB
Groovy Grails User Group: Building a MongoDB application with Grails
London Clojure User Group:(perfect? clojure environment)
London .NET User Group:Community Retrospective on a Decade of .NET
London Android User Group:Mozilla on Alternative Markets and Distribution

Don’t forget to keep up with the Skills Matter Tumblr — it’s good for announcements and videos, plus it looks cool.  Along with Twitter and this blog, it’s worth following.  But don’t forget to sign up for next week’s events!

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