Weekipedia: next week @skillsmatter

With Easter now firmly behind us — and a distinct lack of cut-price Easter eggs — and the impending Scala Days London taking up so much focus, it can be easy to forget there’s so much “on site” happening at Skills Matter in the next few weeks.  But what is on the horizon?

April 18: In The Brain of Udi Dahan, Modeling Distributed Systems with NServiceBus StudioUdi Dahan — the software simplist — comes to Skills Matter on April 18 to present his talk Modeling Distributed Systems with NServiceBus Studio.  Join Udi for a first look at NServiceBus Studio – a modeling environment based on the decades-old principles behind NServiceBus yet fully integrated with code-generation into Visual Studio.  Sign up here.

The WordPress London User Group is growing in popularity at Skills Matter and next week they have three talks.  Dan Thornton & Robert Rhoades will be speaking on Building a Successful Business with WordPress and eCommerce, Steve Jones is speaking on WordPress plugins – the classy way and Chris Adams is speaking on Workflow with WordPress. April 19sign up here.  Wordpress London User Group : Building a Successful Business with WordPress and eCommerce

Javascript Samurai Damjan Vujnovic is a firm favourite in the Skills Matter community, with his passion and knowledge of testing and javascript.  Damjan will be here on April 19 for a talk on Test-driving backbone.js applications, and will look at how we can use a unit-testing framework like jasmine to drive the design and excercise the behavior of various application components.  Sign up here.

Registrations are closed, but on April 19 Martin Odersky –the creator of the Scala language — will give an introduction to Scala and give a demonstration of its capabilities. It’s a rare occurrence that we have to not only close the registrations but also the waiting list because of overwhelming popularity — but the creator of Scala has done it.  If you didn’t manage to sign up, you will be able to watch the skillscast video of the talk here.

10+ cool tech companies meet 100+ Coding Ninjas April 23 is another exciting night at Skills Matter — as we invite the community to Find Your Ninja. Skills Matter and MiniBar have teamed up to bring great developers, software architects, testers and coders together with interesting tech companies and start ups (and vice versa).  Up to 10 Tech Companies will pitch their coding projects – young web start-ups as well as more established ones, with innovative projects – to software developers looking for interesting, agile projects using progressive technologies. Check out the companies and their tech passions here — and sign up while you can.

Don’t forget to watch all the videos from this week’s events at Skills Matter:

In the Brain of Ed Cortis: Radical team transformation through leadership and agility
London Ajax User Group:AMD in Depth
In The Brain of Mike Amundsen: Essential Node.js for Web Developers
DeNormalised NOSQL Meetups: NOSQL and the effects of Big Data

A recent addition to the Skills Matter information channels is the Skills Matter Tumblr — it’s like a visual Twtter: good for event announcements, videos from talks and articles we think are interesting.  Along with Twitter and this blog, it’s worth following.  But don’t forget to sign up for these events!

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