Sky at @skillsmatter

Skills Matter have teamed up with Sky to bring you some fantastic free events in the coming weeks and months — have you heard about them? There’s no catch and no cost — just some great talks in the evening. Read on…

Arcadius AhouansouAbisola Fatokun

Free talk:In The Brain of Abisola Fatokun & Arcadius Ahouansou, Implementing Enterprise Search at Sky (March 8)

In the first part of this talk, Abisola will be highlighting the importance of Search in the Enterprise, especially at Sky. He’ll also discuss Search Applications and the exciting new world that they open for developers.

The second part of the talk will focus on a specific Sky Facebook project – how a Search application for Sky’s Facebook profile page was built using SOLR. Arcadius will show code and configuration examples, as well as the challenges faced with integrating with Facebook. Come round and take a look at how SOLR is implemented in an Enterprise.

On Twitter? Join the conversation on Enterprise Search at Sky using #skysearchtalk and follow @abisola

Mar 8: sign up for free here

Darren ClarkeHayato Shimizu

Free talk:In The Brain of Darren Clarke & Hayato Shimizu, Apache Cassandra at Sky (March 20)

Darren Clarke and Hayato Shimizu will talk about the Sky eCommerce platform architecture and the requirements that lead to the decisions of adopting Apache Cassandra for basket persistence. You’ll see how Cassandra has been successfully implemented across two data centres replicating data to provide consistency and resiliency. The final part of the presentation will illustrate the real life performance benchmarking with the new 1.0 features.

Want to join the conversation on Twitter? use #apachecassandra or follow@dazclarke

Mar 20: sign up for free here

Tom Bassindale Peji Faghihi

Free talk:In The Brain of Tom Bassindale & Peji Faghihi: Using Real User Metrics to Measure Performance (April 26)

Using real user metrics is a far more accurate way to monitor how the performance of your site is affecting real users, but how do we get these metrics effectively?

One of the issues with how some current methods aim to measure real user metrics is the need to navigate from page to page to get a site metric. This means users going straight to the home page or navigating to the site from a different location will not be accounted for. And it is often these measurements that are the most effective. Moreover, these statistics cannot be broken down into the fine grain details.

We discuss one of the methods to overcome such issues and show our Sky product in action.

On Twitter? Use tag #smboomerang to join the conversation and follow @tbassindale and @pejisky

Apr 26: sign up for free here


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