Next week @skillsmatter (Feb 13-16)

It’s turned icy cold in London, but at Skills Matter we’re warming our cockles with all the great experts and passionate community we have. So what’s coming up next week?  Now that you ask we have free talks from Allen Kelly on Dialogue Sheets, Kevin Ryan on Kanban, Alberto Brandolini on how to drive your DBA crazy, Damjan Vujnovic presenting a Javascript coding kata, and core dev talks for the London Android User Group on RoboBinding and Object Network.

We also have expert training coming from Alberto Brandolini, who is delivering Eric Evans’ four day DDD Immersion Workshop, and “Python for Rookies” author Russel Winder giving his Python workshop.

Now, doesn’t that make you feel warmer already?

Next Week:

Free talk: In The Brain of Allan Kelly: Dialogue Sheets, a new tool for retrospectives (Feb 13)

Allan Kelly on Dialogue SheetsRetrospectives are a key tool in the Agile toolkit. But, they aren’t easy.
Some teams do them regularly – but they can become boring and repetitive.
Other teams don’t do them – they lack the time, the energy or they don’t have a suitable facilitator.

To overcome these problems, and enhance teamwork, Allan Kelly has created a series of Retrospective Dialogue Sheets. These are a new tool in the Agile toolkit to inject some fun and variety into retrospectives. They also abolish the role of retrospective facilitator!

This is a hands on session, everyone will get a go at undertaking a simulated retrospective based on a dialogue sheet and will learn what a dialogue sheet is, how to use one, and find some new ways to improve your work. Feb 13: sign up here.

Expert Training: Russel Winder’s Python Workshop (Feb 13-16)Russel Winder's Python Workshop

In this 4-day Python Workshop, you will learn both low-level details of Python as well as the idiomatic design approaches in Python. We’ll start with the language basics after which we discuss various testing strategies and their rationale. Through lectures, exercises and discussions, we’ll introduce Concurrency and Parallelism after which we’ll learn about GUI’s. We’ll then explore Networking, XML processing and Persistence when developing applications with Python. On the final day of this Python course, you’ll work on an example of Python DSL, we’ll learn about Python extensions and extension testing and we’ll finish the course with an introduction to Django, Python Web Application frameworks and how to use dynamic techniques.
Book your place and find out more here:

Free talk: In The Brain of Kevin Ryan: Kanban For Agile Portfolio Management (Feb 13)

Kevin Ryan on KanbanThis presentation focuses on how Kanban can be applied in the areas of portfolio and programme management. Kevin shares his experiences and demonstrates how the principles of a Kanban system can be applied beyond the team level and can be adapted to support agile delivery at scale.

Throughout the presentation Kevin describes how to establish a portfolio that contains programmes of work to provide an alternative leadership framework to that of project management. He then demonstrates how these programmes of work can be structured to deliver prioritised initiatives using actionable metrics as success criteria rather than predictive date driven milestones. Feb 13: sign up here.

Expert Training: EriEric Evans Domain Driven Design Hands-On Immersion Workshopc Evans Domain Driven Design Hands-On Immersion Workshop (Feb 13-16)

Eric Evans’ 4-day Domain Driven Design Hands-On Immersion Workshop will teach you how to put the domain model to work. Finding and exploiting domain models is key to success with large software systems. By cultivating a strong connection between the language used by developers, appropriate models can dramatically accelerate the process of translating customer needs into working software. Strong domain modelling coupled with programming best practices such as exploiting design patterns, refactoring, and test-driven development result in a principled yet practical approach to the development of large software systems.
Book your place and find out more:
Aberto Brandolini on Drive your DBA Crazy in 3 easy steps

Free talk: In The Brain of Alberto Brandolini: Drive your DBA Crazy in 3 easy steps (Feb 14)

It’s there, it’s always been there. And you know that if you want to do Domain Driven Design seriously, you’ll have to challenge some of the assumptions that have been around for so much time that everybody forgot we were able to deliver working software also without them. Of course, not everybody’s going to like it. Oh well …that’s life!

In this talk, Alberto Brandolini focuses on all the little frictions you’re likely to have when you start a Domain Driven Design project, surrounded by data-driven people (whatever this term means). We’ll talk about aggregate modeling, ubiquitous language, bounded contexts and CQRS. …and of course whatever might come with this. Feb 14: sign up here.

Free talk: In The Brain of Damjan Vujnovic: Javascript Coding Kata (Feb 15)Damjan Vujnovic: Javascript Coding Kata

Damjan Vujnovic presents a coding kata on event-driven programming in JavaScript, using Jasmine and backbone.js. No previous Jasmine or backbone.js experience required — but make sure you bring your laptop!  Feb 15: sign up here.

Damjan Vujnovic: Javascript Coding Kata

Free talk: London Android User Group : Data bindings and core dev (Feb 16)

Robert Taylor presents for The London Android User Group on the data-binding framework “RoboBinding” and Duncan Cragg will give a talk for Londroid on Object Network. Feb 16: sign up here.

That’s it for next week!  Make sure you follow @skillsmatter and @jameschesters on Twitter in to join the discussion, and be the first to hear when the  Skillscast videos are published.  See you at Skills Matter next week.

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