An end to 2011 @skillsmatter

It’s a brand new year at Skills Matter — and having had such a busy end of 2011 this blog has been neglected. Slightly.  The good news is, there were some big events with videos you’re bound to want to watch. And share. And Tweet about.

AGILE TESTING & BDD EXCHANGE 2011 I mentioned last time about the Agile Testing & BDD eXchange.  Remember that one?  Probably Europe’s  hottest event on BDD, Agile Testing, User Interaction, Automated Testing and heaps more.  We had the experts: Gojko Adzic, Chris Matts, Matt Wynne, Christian Hassa, David Evans, Andrew Kemp and Lasse Koskela.

Now you can watch the videos here:

Clojure eXchange 2011Before we’d even had a chance to catch our breath in November, the month was already over — and December brought with it Skills Matter’s first-ever Clojure eXchange.

Functional Programming is a hot topic for the Skills Matter community, and 2011 saw the continued rise of Scala, the growth of our F# community, and the first London Clojurians meetup at Skills Matter.  The time was ripe for the inaugural Clojure eXchange, with keynote speaker Uncle Bob Martin.  The UK border agency had other ideas, however, and Uncle Bob needed to deliver his talk to the conference from the USA, via Skype.  The Clojure community are far too cool and Agile to let this hiccup dampen any spirits, and some storming talks were delivered by Bruce Durling, Robert Rees, John Stevenson, Stathis Sideris and Philip Potter.

Watch all the videos here:

Groovy & Grails eXchange 2011The last conference of 2011 aboard the good ship Skills Matter was the 5th annual Groovy & Grails eXchange.  Skills Matter were among the first to run Groovy events, and we continue to work with the biggest experts in the areas of Groovy, Grails and Gradle — attracting the Grooviest developers in town.

It might have been the fifth annual Groovy and Grails eXchange, but enthusiasm has by no means diminished — over two days we had Guillaume LaForge, Marcin Erdmann, Erik Pragt, Andres Almiray, Hans Dockter, Luke Daley, Peter Ledbrook, Russel Winder, Jeff Brown, Marc Palmer, Burt Beckwith, Andreas Arledal, Stefan Armbruster, Tomas Lin, Donovan Frew, Robert Fletcher, Marco Vermeulen, Nicolas De Loof, and Andrew Kemp.  It’s exhausting just reading all the names!

Once you’ve got your breath back after that lot, you can catch up with all the videos here:

That’s what you missed at the end of 2011, but stay tuned because in just the first few months of this year we have more conferences coming up, including the Functional Programming eXchange in March, Scala Days in April, Progressive Tutorials in both .NET and Java this May — plus all the usual In the Brain talks, technical User Groups and expert training courses that make Skills Matter the place to go to learn, innovate and share.  See you soon!

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