Progressive .NET Tutorials 2011 @skillsmatter #prognet11

The 2011 Progressive .NET Tutorials If you missed it, where were you?! Don’t be too disheartened if you didn’t get to make it along — because very shortly we will be announcing #prognet12! The inimitable Ian Cooper has once again agreed to be the programme lead, so you can expect more from the biggest experts. And don’t forget — on November 3&4 Skills Matter host the first-ever Progressive F# Tutorials? These two days of tutorials feature some of the biggest authorities on F# — including Don Syme! Also giving expert tutorials will be Dave Thomas, Robert Pickering, Chris Marinos, Tomas Petricek, Phil Trelford, Zach Bray and more.

And if you want to learn and share more skills around Agile Development, Agile Testing, Software Craftmanship & BDD look no further than the one-day Agile Testing & BDD eXchange on November 18, with Gojko Adzic, Chris Matts, Matt Wynne, Christian Hassa, David Evans, Simon Ogle and Lasse Koskela. While you consider signing up for the Progressive F# Tutorials and the Agile Testing & BDD eXchange, why not check out all the videos from the Progressive .NET Tutorials 2011 — follow the links below!

Day 1
Christian Hassa & Gaspar Nagy on Defining Acceptance Criteria in Gherkin
Ian Cooper & Sebastien Lambla on Solving the Packaging Puzzle
Christian Hassa & Gaspar Nagy on Automating Gherkin Acceptance Criteria with Specflow
Dylan Beattie on Front-end Tips for Back-end Devs

Day 2
Simon Brown on Load Testing for Developers
Damjan Vujnovic on Test-driven Development in JavaScript
Paul Stack on Continuous Integration to Continuous Delivery
Adam Granicz on Advanced WebSharper Tutorial

Day 3
Ian Robinson on RESTful Web Service Development in .NET
Jon Skeet on Async Methods in C# 5
Mark Rendle & Steven Robbins on Introduction to Nancy and Simple.Data
Nathan Gloyn on You Think You Know Agile?

Stay tuned for details of next year’s Progressive .NET Tutorials!

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