Tom Wilkie on Castle: Re-inventing storage for Big Data #skillsmatter

Tom Wilkie gave one of the hottest and most-talked about presentations to OSCON 2011 — anyone wanting to see what the buzz is all about should catch his free In the Brain seminar “Castle: Re-inventing storage for Big Data” at Skills Matter this September 27.

The standard Linux storage stack wasn’t designed for write-heavy big data workloads, nor is it well-suited to modern hardware: large, slow SATA disks, SSDs or many cores.

Castle, an open-source project, is a ground-up overhauling of RAID, file systems, and the POSIX interface. It is released under the GPL and runs as part of the Linux kernel. Our target is 1 million random inserts per second to disk on a $1,000 commodity box, and we’re nearly there. Castle is also the core of the Acunu Data Platform, which delivers up to 100x higher performance for applications written for Cassandra and other tools.

Sign up for the free talk on September 27 here — this is your chance to put your questions to one of the leading minds working with Big Data. Places are limited, so register early.

If you are interested in Cassandra and all things NOSQL, sign up today for the London Cassandra User Groupon September 5.  This month  group are continuing the “Cassandra vs” theme from the last meeting by taking a look at HBase. We’re lucky to have Nick Telford talking on the subject who has used both Cassandra and HBase in a real “big data” production environment at Datasift. We will also be looking at Cassandra more closely, examining how it deals with various failure modes. This talk will be given by Richard Low from Acunu who big data experts and offer professional support for Apache Cassandra.

In addition to the talks there will be, as usual, beer and  and plenty of opportunity to meet other Cassandra users and enjoy robust discussions around NoSQL.

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