Zombies, robots, and hackers!

At Skills Matter we are still catching our breath from this week’s inaugural Scala eXchange –with nearly 20 speakers and almost 300 people over a period of two days, it was a fantastic start. Please see the previous post for links to all the talks recorded.

With zombies and hackers making the news in recent days, Skills Matter is the place to be next week. So what is coming up next week?

To put it briefly: a lot. We have a talk on Less CSS and the father of Mockito on agile zombie projects for the Groovy Grails User Group, the creator of the Robot Framework beaming in from his home in Krakow, Mocking and Testing with the London Android User Group, Pro Spring author Jan Machacek on Spring Roo. That’s just first part of the week!

On Thursday, things get really interesting with the Hacker News London Meetup Group and the OSGi™ Users’ Forum UK. Get more details and follow the links below to sign up. And whoever can send me the best picture of a zombie robot hacker, I will think of a suitable prize fir you…

There’s no time to waste — sign up, book now, and get over to Skills Matter!

Groovy Grails User Group: Less is more

June 20th. June’s Groovy Grails UG will feature two talks, from Gus Power, plus a remote talk and Q&A with Szceban Faber who will be beaming in remotely from his home in Krakow via Skype. Sign up for free here: http://skillsmatter.com/event/groovy-grails/groovy-grails-june-meeting

The Brain of Pekka Klarck: Acceptance testing and ATDD with Robot Framework
June 21st. In this remote session, Pekka Klarck will provide a personal and unique introduction of the most important features of the Robot framework, its history, and the typical use cases. Sign up for free here: http://skillsmatter.com/podcast/agile-testing/atdd-robot-framework

London Android User Group:Discuss mocking and testing
June 21st. At TouchType, we’ve come up with a framework to write and run unit tests quickly on Android devices, making our code more rigorous and less buggy. Chetan Padia will give an example of how Guice and Borachio all fits together, and the advantages of this testing framework, and the challenges overcome. Sign up for free here: http://skillsmatter.com/podcast/os-mobile-server/mocking-and-testing

London Java Community: Spring Roo
June 22nd. Jan Macháček’s Spring Roo talk will introduce the ideas behind Roo and their technical implementation. The talk will show the main architectural choices of the Roo applications, explain the Spring configuration under the hood. Sign up for free here:

Hacker News London Meetup Group:June meetup
June 23rd. June meetup for readers of the amazing Hacker News, as well as assorted tech and startup junkies. More details to follow of speakers and topics. Sign up for free here: http://skillsmatter.com/podcast/java-jee/june-meetup

OSGi™ Users’ Forum UK: OSGi Development Tooling Panel

June 23rd. Development Tooling is often cited as one of the main areas where people encounter difficulties. This is your opportunity to meet with the people behind the tools. You will have the opportunity to share your development challenges and issues and get answers from the experts along with learning and understanding from your peers. Sign up for free here: http://ukosgiuserforum.wufoo.com/forms/osgitm-users-forum-uk-membership-application/

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