Scala eXchange 2011

Scala fever has hit Skills Matter this week — with the inaugaral Scala eXchange.

Sweeping up everyone in its path, these two days of experts talks and discussions have featured keynote speakers Martin Odersky and James Strachan, as well as other household Scala names as Miles Sabin, Jonas Boner, Viktor Klang and others too numerous to mention.

Although this is our first-ever Scala eXchange, Skills Matter has a bright history of arranging the best and and most innovative conferences in progressive software development, agile, and open source technologies.  In the past, Skills Matter have helped to bring Ruby and Groovy conferences to the capital, not to mention Droidcon and NoSQL summer, and this week Scala joins these illustrious ranks!  In 2010 we hosted London’s first Scala Lift Off unconference (coming back this October), and are excited to have organised the first Scala conference to grace this fair city.

The Twittersphere has been buzzing, with comments and reactions flying all over — if you want to see what all the excitement has been about, you can see the videos for yourself:

You may want to pace yourself before trying to watch all of those in just one sitting — but they are all worth checking out.  If you’re short on time, start with the lightning talks, then jump back into the stream — you won’t be disappointed.

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