Software Craftsmanship & Agile Testing

Agile Testing & BDD eXchange 2011, Nov 18

No one ever said being a developer was easy. The developers who succeed are the ones who take the talent they have and make the most of it, who commit to being the best developer they can be, who make a point of growing, improving, of finding their own faults in order to put them right. Continuous growth, continuous challenge, continuous analysis, continuous learning: it takes guts to do it the hard way, and sometimes the only people who will notice are the people who are travelling that same hard road themselves, who recognise in you the same desire that motors through their own veins, who understand that the sacrifice is worth it, that while shoddy code is a waste of everyone’s time and attention, the creation of first-rate software is a valuable, worthwhile pursuit that can enrich everything and everyone it touches.

We have a lot of those kindred spirits down here at Skills Matter. Many of them subscribe to our courses, many attend evening events, many come here for the conferences. And some don’t stop there. They step up and run tutorials and workshops, they arrange user groups where like-minded people gather and swap knowledge, they offer their time to speak at In The Brains and conferences, and let us capture SkillsCasts of their talks so those who couldn’t be there can still benefit. This is a big commitment to make, yet day-in, day-out, so many bright, articulate, knowledgeable, committed people go to great lengths to create the events that help other people grow. It’s a beautiful, inspiring thing!

For example, Agile Testing & BDD eXchange 2011, taking place in November. Gojko Adzic, the programme lead, is hard at work putting together a conference that even at this early stage we can safely say will be a source of vital and thought-provoking information that will enthrall the Agile Tester in you.

Uncle Bob Martin will wing his way across the Atlantic in order to run his trademark courses here at Skills Matter. We have Steve Freeman, Simon Brown, Janet Gregory, Jon Jagger, Kohsuke Kawaguchi and Robert Schneider lined-up to provide their expert knowledge. Gojko will break from his busy schedule to run his Test-Driven Development Workshop. Many of the same people will give free In The Brain talks in the evening for the audience who couldn’t be there during the day.

And though the next few months are packed, we’d still recommend catching up with the SkillsCasts from London Tester Gathering, which took place in May at the Skills Matter eXchange. It was a wonderful couple of days, the spirit of which was captured by our dedicated SkillsCasters.
Software Craftsmanship & Agile Testing

We’re there with you in all you pursue.



Agile Testing & BDD eXchange 2011, Nov 18

Agile Testing & BDD eXchange is a one-day conference taking place on the 18th November 2011 here at Skills Matter eXchange in the heart of East London. The line-up is still being assembled, but you can bet it will be a jaw-dropping directory of the big names in Agile and BDD. Check out our Agile Testing & BDD eXchange page for speaker updates and programme developments. And use Twitter tag #bddx for event updates and discussions related to this exciting event.


Numbers are limited to 125, so it’s worth grabbing your ticket while you can!
Tickets are priced at a very affordable £195, but the first 50 tickets are on sale at a bargain price of just £75! £75 – our finance department is shuddering at the thought of it. So before all the cheap tickets are gone, why not snap one up!

If you can’t make it, you can follow events in Almost-Real-Time, as every suitable talk will be SkillsCast to the planet just minutes after the speaker puts away his or her prompt notes and slide pack.


We host the monthly meetings of the London Software Craftsmanship Community and Agile Testing UK User Group. These User Groups are vibrant community events which are open to the general public – you would be welcome to attend.

London Software Craftsmanship Community

The London Software Craftsmanship Community are a community of aspiring software craftsmen. The difference between good software and great software is the people that create it. Great programmers are continually learning and continually improving. The craftsmanship idea embodies this notion of continual learning and feedback.
Here are some SkillsCasts of some of London Software Craftsmanship Community’s recent talks:

Dave Hoover, Ade Oshineye, Dan North and Chris Parsons: How can craftsmanship move the industry forwards?

Find out more about the London Software Craftsmanship Community here.

Agile Testing UK User Group

The mission of Agile Testing UK UG is to promote agile testing practices and principles, from executable specifications through test driven development to exploratory testing.  Agile Testing UK meet for quarterly half-day events to discuss and promote agile testing practices, network and share experiences.

Here are some SkillsCasts of some of Agile Testing User Groups’ recent talks:

The next Agile Testing UK UG meeting is on 29th June 2011, which will be an Agile Testing Half-Day Meetup.  Find out more about the Agile Testing UK UG here.


Some brilliant people pass through the doors of Skills Matter. Some are kind enough to give of their own time to provide free evening events for the benefit of people who can’t make it along to courses during the day. These In The Brains talks are a great source of insight and information. Stop by if you’re in the area, check out our website or follow #bddx, #swcraftsm, #agilesm and @skillsmatter on Twitter for regular updates!

In The Brain of Pekka Klarck, Acceptance testing and ATDD with Robot Framework, June 21

Talk: Acceptance testing and ATDD with Robot Framework
Speaker: Pekka Klarck
Date: June 21, 2011, 18:30-20:00
Get more details & sign up here.

In The Brain of Simon Brown, Effective Sketches, July 7

Talk: Effective Sketches
Speaker: Simon Brown
Date: July 7, 2011, 18:30-20:00
Get more details & sign up here.

In The Brain of Uncle Bob, The Last Programming Language, July 13

Talk: The Last Programming Language
Speaker: Uncle Bob
Date: July 13, 2011, 18:30-20:00
Get more details & sign up here.

In The Brain of Janet Gregory, Agile Testing Practices, Aug 25

Talk: Agile Testing Practices
Speaker: Janet Gregory
Date: Aug 25, 2011, 18:30-20:00

Get more details & sign up here.

In The Brain of Robert Schneider, Big Data/NoSQL, Sep 20

Talk: Big Data/NoSQL
Speaker: Robert Schneider
Date: Sep 20, 2011, 18:30-20:00
Get more details & sign up here.



The London Tester Gathering, curated by Tony Bruce, was an excellent 2-day conference which took place at the Skills Matter eXchange. We captured the SkillsCasts of many of the talks for your continued learning:

There are many more online here.

Here are a handful of SkillsCasts which are related to the speakers and User Groups due at Skills Matter over the next few months:

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