Skills Matter Weekly Round Up: 15-04-11

If you weren’t at Skills Matter this week, where were you? The sun and nice weather was nowhere to be seen… Without further ado, this is meant to be the first of a new series of weekly round ups where you can read (and see) all you missed this week at Skills Matter.

Monday night, Skills Matter hosted LRUG (the London Ruby User Group). Elise Huard gave a brief overview of the state ofhere. Ben Scofield from Heroku visited us on his way home from the Scottish Ruby Conference, and kindly volunteered to give his talk on cloud-deployed systems. Watch it again here.

Hot on the heels of LRUG this week was LAUG (London Ajax User Group) and part 1 of Javascript Game Engines. Nick Brown of Boss Level Games presented on game development in Ajax and HTML5 . Did you make it along? If you didn’t, you can view the SkillsCast video here. Watch out for part 2 of Javascript Game Engines coming soon.

Giving a Functional Programming flavour to the middle of the week, Wednesday night brought LSUG (London Scala User Group) to Skills Matter. A change of plan for the evening led to a request for lightning talks volunteers — and rising to the challenge for a night of Scala Miscellany were Fernando Racca, speaking on Scala in the Financial domain, John Watson on Moving to scala with real time XML data feeds, and Willie Faler on The Bowler Framework. Follow the links for the SkillsCast videos.

To round off the week, our blossoming NoSQL community were represented with the HUG Hadoop User Group UK. The talks were from Sean Owen, on Collaborative Filtering at scale, and Hadoop early adopters Watch Mark Levy on Algorithms on Hadoop at here, and Sean Owen here — on how the Apache Mahout project achieves collaborative filtering at scale.

And Coming Next Week…

Groovy Grails UserGroup: Natural Language Testing and Infinispan on Monday, 18th April
London Cassandra User Group: Cassandra Query Language on Monday, 18th April — with beer and pizza sponsored by Acunu and Imagini
JavaScript UK group: JavaScript timers — The Final Countdown on Tuesday, 19th April
Neo4J User Group: Neo4J 1.3 Release Party on Tuesday, 19th April — with beer and pizza sponsored by Neo Technology
In The Brain of Adrian Buerki: What’s new in GWT 2.X on Tuesday, 19th April
London Continuous Integration Group: A sneak preview of Evolving Continuous Delivery on Wednesday, 20th April
OpenSource Hardware User Group: Open Source Chips on Thursday, 21st April
London Android User Group: Payment and monetization, or how to get your endless night worth the dread! on Thursday, 21st April — with beer and pizza sponsored by PayPal

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