mongoUK 2011 & CukeUp!

What a week it’s been at Skills Matter — playing host to the mongoUK 2011 conference, followed a couple of days later by CukeUp!, a one day conference packed with half hour talks about all things related to the Cucumber BDD tool and ecosystem.

If you weren’t able to make it to the events, you can watch all the SkillsCast videos (film footage, slides and demos) of the talks by following the links below. It’s as easy as that.

MongoUK 2011: Featuring among many, many others a talk by Graham Tackley, on the process that led to the choice of MongoDB as a key technology for the future of

CukeUp! featured some of the biggest names in the world of Behaviour Driven Development and Cucumber. AMong so many, the speakers included David De Florinier & Gojko Adzic, Dan North & Elizabeth Keogh, and presenting on “on Refuctoring Your Cukes”, the immensely popular Matt Wynne.

One comment

  1. Shame I couldn’t make the MongoUK event, though I’m working through the videos. Would be great to view the podcasts on my iPhone. Any chance…?!!! 🙂

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