Weekend training courses in London at Skills Matter

At Skills Matter, we understand that your time is a precious commodity.

With people now working longer hours than ever before, and being connected even outside of work, your free time is valuable — so we appreciate everyone that comes along to our free evening seminars each night and supports the various User Groups who meet at the Skills Matter eXchange.

For the self-employed, the freelance, and the contractors we know that time out of work for training courses is not just a question of availability — it is also an important matter of cost.  Many employers already recognise the investment of time and money in an expert training course at Skills Matter repays itself over and over in efficiency and time saved on projects later on.

But we appreciate the schedules might not suit everyone — what do you do when your training is self funded; and a day not in work for you means a day’s less pay?

In response to public demand, Skills Matter will now be trialling weekend training courses — starting with Michael Vizdos’ ScrumMaster Certification, running over the weekend of Saturday June 5th.

This two-day course gives delegates a set of tools and techniques that enable them to become an effective Scrum Master, help teams become high performing, and deal with the change management associated with implementing Scrum in their organization.  This is an opportunity to learn about Scrum in the real world, from an industry expert a solid and gain an understanding of how the basics of Scrum can be applied to real-world projects.  Upon the successful completion of the Scrum training, you will be certified as a ScrumMaster.

Help us to make this first weekend-run training course a success, and pave the way for more of the same.  And if Scrum isn’t your area of interest, leave a comment below and tell us what course or exchange you would like to see run over a weekend.


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