Improve Collaboration, Build Trust with Rachel Davies

This Tuesday night at Skills Matter brings the renowned Rachel Davies — author of Agile Coaching — presenting her free seminar “Improve Collaboration, Build Trust”.

In this ‘In the Brain’ session, Rachel explains how Agile software development “depends on close collaboration. If we don’t trust our team mates or our managers, this can block collaboration on the team. ”

If you are interested in Agile techniques and Agile coaching, this talk should be top of your to-do list for the week.  Rachel presents a number of Agile courses at Skills Matter, including her ever-popular Agile Coaching Workshop — an essential intro on creating strong teams with agile coaching techniques, helping teams to collaborate effectively.

To sign up for tonight’s free talk, please visit:

Rachel Davies is a long serving director of the Agile Alliance, and has been applying agile approaches since 2000 and has experience of a range of agile methods including XP, SCRUM, Lean and DSDM.  To grab your place on her next Agile Coaching Workshop on April 27, simply go to the course page here:, or check out the next dates coming up.

But don’t forget to catch her tonight — free expert seminars at Skills Matter.


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