NService Bus with Udi Dahan

Udi Dahan brings his skills and experience to Skills Matter to present a free In the Brain of Session on enterprise computing.  Register now to secure your place and avoid disappointment.

Project lead of NService Bus (the leading SOA framework for .NET), Udi is an expert on software architecture and design — as well as a very popular and dynamic speaker.

While Udi is in London this February, as well as his free evening seminar he will also be presenting his Distributed SOA course at Skills Matter

Distributed SOA next running on 15-02-10 is a 5-day course teaching how to build large, scalable distributed SOA systems using various architectural techniques.  You will learn how to use loosely-coupled messaging communication to build and design large scale, distributed SOA systems.

Udi returns to Skills Matter on 20-05-10, and brings with him the essential course on NService Bus.  This 2-day workshop teaches users how to work with NService Bus effectively in operations to smooth communications.  On this course you will build an enterprise application to understand better the architectual issues and scalability problems faced.

Click here for info on Distributed SOA and to book, and here for info and booking on NService Bus.  Note that Skills Matter courses are not mass seminars, and the last few places will go quickly.

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