Core NHibernate with Ayende Rahien

Ayende Rahien will be coming to Skills Matter On 25th February to present his lessons learned from building the nhibernate profiler.  This is a free evening seminar, and places are strictly limited so register now to save your place.

If you are a .NET developer and you would like to learn how to use NHibernate to simplify database access from your applications then check out Ayende Rahien’s 3-day course at Skills Matter on NHibernate.

You will learn to use object/relational mapping to isolate your object domain from relational storage by building a simple, practical application that demonstrates all important data management patterns.

Ayende Rahien (aka Oren Eini) is an active member of the opensource .NET community and commits to several open source projects, includng NHibernate and Castle.  Ayende is also the founder of several other opensource .net projects, including Rhino Mocks, NHibernate Query Analyzer, and Rhino Commons.

You will take away from this course the skills to use NHibernate to simplify database access and spend more time improving domain model integration with castle and other advanced features.

The next date for Ayende’s NHibernate course is February 24, 2010 — book your place now!

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