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Daniel Steinberg to give an exclusive iOS App Development workshop, 14th May


Daniel Steinberg will be joining Skills Matter this May to deliver an exclusive iOS App Development Quick Start workshop, covering all the fundamental cornerstones of developing apps for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. The workshop includes Xcode, Objective-C, View Controllers, and Storyboards – everything you need to get started in just one day! This course suits developers from all levels, from beginner to advanced; so as long as you know a C-style language and some object-oriented programming, this workshop is for you.

Click here to find out more!

iOScon 2014

Not only is Daniel giving this fantastic course, he’ll also be presenting the keynote talk at iOScon, our first ever iOS developer conference. And he won’t be alone; you can meet other top thinkers like Martin Pilkington, who will be demystifying Autolayout, Amy Worrall to talk about Key Value Coding, and Simon Whitaker on UIKit Dynamics.

iOScon will be taking place the day after the workshop from May 15th – 16th, followed by a free weekend hackathon on May 17th – 18th where you can meet and collaborate with other iOS developers, create a new app or game, and even win a prize!

If you’re interested in learning more about iOS, meeting other developers, and enhancing your skills, we’ve got a great week coming up for you in May - take your pick!

Watch all the videos from DDD eXchange 2012 at Skills Matter here

Watch all the videos from DDD eXchange 2012

Another DDD eXchange has come and gone at Skills Matter, and our warm thanks go to the godfather of DDD, Eric Evans, for his help in putting together a fantastic event and sponsorship from Domain Language.

If you weren’t there, do you know what you missed?  Let me tell you!  Of course, you missed Eric Evans — our host, compere, and keynote speaker, you missed Greg Young, you missed Dan Haywood, and you missed  Alberto Brandolini.  You missed the excitement of two park bench panel discussions, hosted by Zi Makki.  You missed Cyrille Martraire, you missed Paul Rayner, and did I mention Eric Evans?

You can watch all the videos below:
Eric Evans: Opening & Welcome
Greg Young on Functional Programming with DDD
Dan Haywood on Restful Objects – A Hypermedia API For Domain Object Models
Alberto Brandolini on Why do all my DDD applications look the same?
Zi Makki hosts Park Bench Panel Discussion # 1
Cyrille Martraire on Applying DDD in a legacy application
Paul Rayner on Domain Scenarios to Drive Modelling Whirlpool
Eric Evans on Case Study Involving Strategic Design And Established Formalisms
Zi Makki hosts Park Bench Panel Discussion #2

We are also very excited to announce Skills Matter will continue our partnerhsip with Eric Evans for the fifth annual DDD eXchange! Coming June 14, 2013 — the first 50 tickets are on sale now for just £50.

Our summer of Architecture continues — check out the free events at Skills Matter from our DDD experts, including Eric Evans, Udi Dahan, Greg Young, Andreas Ohlund, Simon Brown and Alberto Brandolini. Read about it here, or check out our full programme of DDD & Architecture events here

@UdiDahan returns to @skillsmatter this July — don’t miss him

Udi Dahan's 5-day course Advanced Distributed Systems Design with SOA will help you to take the pain out of designing large-scale distributed systems.

Udi Dahan — the Software Simplist — has been a regular at Skills Matter for many years, and frequently a familiar face at the DDD eXchange.

Udi is recognised in the community as a leading expert in the areas of Service-Oriented Architecture and Domain-Driven Design.  What’s more, Udi is also the co-creator of the Command/Query Responsibility Segregation pattern, and the founder of NServiceBus.  Is there anything he can’t do?

Udi returns to Skills Matter as part of our Summer of Architecture, and will be delivering his Advanced Distributed Systems Design with SOA between July 2nd and 6th.  While new technologies make it easier to comply with today’s communications and security standards, they won’t magically provide you with a robust and scalable system.

If you enjoy deep architectural discussion, if you are in charge of building a large-scale distributed system, and if you want to know more about how the big guys run their systems, sign up now for Udi Dahan’s Advanced Distributed Systems Design with SOA workshop!

Udi will also be delivering a free “In the Brain” talk while he is at Skills Matter, join him on the evening of July 2nd for Commands, Queries, and Consistency.

Summer of Architecture 2012 @skillsmatter

The sun is out and here at Skills Matter HQ we’re watching out eagerly for the ice cream man — but even more exciting than an ice cream with a flake in it is the big names in Domain Driven Design, CQRS and Software Architecture that we have coming to join us over the coming weeks and months.

We’ve lined up a steady flow of architecture rock stars for the summer, including headliners Udi Dahan, Greg Young and Eric Evans, supported by experts Simon Brown, Andreas Ohlund and Alberto Brandolini to provide an exciting range of talks, discussions and practical workshops on all things architecture.

The only thing we’re missing is you — we’d love to see you soon!

This week and next week @skillsmatter (Feb 20-24)

You lucky people; it’s time for another weekly round up at Skills Matter.  What happened this week?  What videos can we watch?  And what is in store for you next week?

The ice and snow are gone, and I think it’s only fair to give credit where credit’s due: our experts.  This week we had in residence Alberto Brandolini delivering Eric Evans’ DDD Immersion Workshop, and “Python for Rookies” author Russel Winder giving his Python workshop.  Both were a huge hit with their workshop delegates — and Alberto will be returning to Skills Matter on April 23, with Russel Winder hot on his heels on May 15.

Allan Kelly joined us on Monday for an interactive session on Dialogue Sheets, a new tool for retrospectives — because this was an hands-on event, I don’t have a video to share with you from the talk.  However, we are having a launch party for Allan Kelly’s new book!  Join us with Allan on March 21 at Skills Matter and hear about Business Patterns for Software Development, and get Allan to sign your copy of this book.

Also on Monday night was “Agilekev” Kevin Ryan, giving a talk on Kanban for Agile Portfolio Management. Go watch the skillscast video of this talk here:

Tuesday brought St Valentine’s Day to London and to Skills Matter.  We shared the love Tuesday night with Alberto Brandolini‘s In the Brain talk Drive your DBA Crazy in 3 easy steps — go watch the skillscast video here: – it’s already proving very popular viewing on Twitter.

By mid-week at Skills Matter we had Damjan Vujnovic delivering a Javascript Coding Kata on Wednesday evening.  Unfortunately, this is another event with nothing to show you on video!  But you’re not completely out of luck, Damjan comes to Skills Matter on April 30 to deliver Gojko Adzic’s Test Driven Development Workshop as well as his own Advanced JavaScript Workshop on May 17.  If you ask very nicely, we’ll even ask Damjan for another In the Brain talk when he’s next at Skills Matter.

Thursday night is the last night of the week for our In the Brain talks and User Groups, and this week it was the turn of Londroid: the London Android User Group.  Londroid brought us two talks this month: Robert Taylor on Robobinding: a data-binding framework, and Duncan Cragg on Object Network -mapping the web.

Next Week:

London Cassandra User Group

Free talk: London Cassandra User Group - Cassandra as an email storage system and CQL Then & Now (Feb 20)

>Cassandra London kicks off 2012 with a talk on implementing Cassandra as an email storage system and what’s new in CQL.  Rustam Aliyev share his experiences of implementing Cassandra as an email storage system at Elastic Inbox, and Courtney Robinson — a regular member of the London Cassandra User Group — gives an update on what’s new with CQL.
Feb 20: sign up here.

Expert Training: Udi Dahan’s Enterprise Development with NServiceBus (Feb 20-23)

Udi Dahan's Enterprise Development with NServiceBus with Andreas OhlundDelivered by NServiceBus core developer Andreas Ohlund, Udi Dahan’s “Enterprise Development with NServiceBus” course teaches you all the ins-and-outs of NServiceBus – the most popular, open-source service bus for .NET – now updated for NServiceBus 3.0. Used in production since 2006, NServiceBus is now used in hundreds of companies in finance, healthcare, retail, SaaS, web 2.0, and more. From basic one-way messaging, through publish/subscribe; providing solutions from transactions to cross-machine scale out; this hands-on course will show you how simple distributed systems development can be.

Book your place and find out more here:

Groovy & Grails User Group

Free talk: Groovy Grails User Group – Deploying Grails Applications (Feb 20)

This month’s meeting for the Groovy Grails User Group will be all about deploying Grails applications. Several community members will describe how they go about ensuring up-time during upgrades, using a Platform-as-a-Service (CloudBees), and more.
Feb 20: sign up here.

In The Brain of Andreas Ohlund: Putting your events on a diet

Free talk:In The Brain of Andreas Ohlund: Putting your events on a diet (Feb 20)

A common problem when designing service oriented architectures is that events going across services tend to be very large in terms of properties they carry. This has the negative effect of making development tougher, testing harder and deployment a risky operation.  In this talk, NServiceBus and Enterprise Software Expert Andreas Ohlund will analyse the checkout process of an online retailer to identify some of the misconceptions that lead to fat events. Finally we’ll look at techniques that will help you keep your events small and fit for the purpose thus mitigating the problems above.
Feb 20: sign up here.

London Ruby User Group Lightning Talks

Free talk: London Ruby User Group Lightning Talks (Feb 21)

As is now traditional, we devote the February London Ruby User Group meeting to lightning talks. We have James Coglan giving a talk on Websockets, a talk on capistrano extensions, Richard Livsey on removing authentication from your models and Harry Marr on Custom documentation generators.
Feb 21: sign up here.

London Java Community : Zero Downtime of JavaEE applications and Home Automation with Java and Arduino

Free talk:London Java Community: Zero Downtime of JavaEE applications and Home Automation with Java and Arduino (Feb 21)

As well as LJC ligtning talks will be Fabiane Nardon on achieving zero downtime in a JavaEE application is not easy, showing several tools, tips and tricks to get there, and Yara Senger & Vinicius Senger showing how you can use Java EE and open-source hardware, like Arduino, to automatize your house. Using jHome, a complete Java EE 6 API for home automation, you can control lamps, wall sockets, electric gates and doors using Web App and Twitter.
Feb 21: sign up here.

Neo4J User Group:Neo4j in a .NET world

Free talk: Neo4J User Group:Neo4j in a .NET world (Feb 22)

This month, Tatham Oddie will be coming from Australia to present at the Neo4j User Group on Neo4j with .NET, and will cover the Neo4j client we have built for .NET, hosting it all in Azure and why our queries were 200ms slower in the cloud, and how we fixed it.

Tatham will present a case study, explaining  -what our project is, -why we chose a graph db, -how we modelled it to start with, -how our first attempts at modelling were wrong and what we’re doing now.

Join us at this great Neo4J meetup and get a chance to win a ticket to the Progressive NoSQL Tutorials to boot! Follow #prognosql on twitter on the day of the event, to find out more!
Feb 22: sign up here.

Expert Training: Martine Devos’ Certified ScrumMaster and Estimation Class (Feb 23-24)

Martine Devos' Certified ScrumMaster and Estimation ClassMartine Devos’ two day ScrumMaster and Estimation class will teach you the fundamental principles of Scrum, qualifying you as a Certified ScrumMaster. Leading a Scrum team is radically different to traditional project management. Rather than plan, instruct, and direct, the leader of a Scrum team (called a ScrumMaster) facilitates, coaches and leads.

In this intensive and highly interactive workshop, you will learn to deal with the obstacles that confront Scrum teams. You will also put theory into practise through a variety of exercises and take-aways to use with co-workers. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be enrolled as a Certified ScrumMaster. This includes a two-year Scrum Alliance membership, where additional ScrumMaster-only material and information is available.

This date sold out! But find out more here:

That’s more than enough for one week!  As always, make sure you follow @skillsmatter and @jameschesters on Twitter in to join the discussion, and be the first to hear when the Skillscast videos are published.  We also have some special Twitter raffles next week, so keep your eyes peeled for a chance to win a place on some great events.  See you at Skills Matter next week.

The Year of the RavenDB @skillsmatter

ImageNOSQL has been gathering momentum at Skills Matter in recent years — with user groups springing up in MongoDB, Cassandra, Hadoop and Neo4j, expert sharing their skills in our In the Brain talks, and last year we hosted the first-ever NOSQL eXchange.

One of the most frequently asked questions before the NOSQL eXchange was “Why isn’t there a talk on RavenDB?”.

For the uninitiated, RavenDB is the transactional, open-source Document Database written in .NET, created by Oren Eini, aka Ayende Rahien, the man also behind Rhino Mocks and a leading figure in the open source NHibernate project.  Ayende Rahien gave the Skills Matter community An Introduction to RavenDB last year, but if you missed it you can watch the skillscast video here:

2012 is undoubtedly going to be the year of the Raven at Skills Matter — this is a database that is attracting a lot of attention, so we are thrilled to be working closely with Ayende to share it with the Skills Matter community.

Core RavenDB developer Itamar Syn-Hershko flies in from Israel on February 28 to give a free talk for the community, explaining RavenDB indexes.  Itamar will walk through the RavenDB indexing process, grok it, and we’re while at it master techniques with frightful names like Map/Reduce, MultiMap, Live Projections, Full text search, Boosting and more.  This is a great opportunity to learn from one of the best minds in RavenDB today.  If you’re not in London, or just can’t make it along, you can receive an email the day after Itamar’s talk with a link to where you can watch the skillscast video online.

If you’re keen to save time and effort building database-backed applications, you can now learn from the experts and get essential skills on using RavenDB at Skills Matter.  Itamar Syn-Hershko will be delivering Ayende Rahien’s RavenDB Workshop, starting on February 28 and running over two days.  If you are a Database Administrator, .NET Developer, Team Leader or Architect, join Itamar to learn to build a practical application which will demonstrate the all important data management patterns.

RavenDB is definitely going to be one to watch this year — and there will undoubtedly be more events at Skills Matter.  Are you signed up for our newsletters?  If not, take a look — they are updated with new topics and are another great way to hear about upcoming events.

Next week @skillsmatter (Feb 13-16)

It’s turned icy cold in London, but at Skills Matter we’re warming our cockles with all the great experts and passionate community we have. So what’s coming up next week?  Now that you ask we have free talks from Allen Kelly on Dialogue Sheets, Kevin Ryan on Kanban, Alberto Brandolini on how to drive your DBA crazy, Damjan Vujnovic presenting a Javascript coding kata, and core dev talks for the London Android User Group on RoboBinding and Object Network.

We also have expert training coming from Alberto Brandolini, who is delivering Eric Evans’ four day DDD Immersion Workshop, and “Python for Rookies” author Russel Winder giving his Python workshop.

Now, doesn’t that make you feel warmer already?

Next Week:

Free talk: In The Brain of Allan Kelly: Dialogue Sheets, a new tool for retrospectives (Feb 13)

Allan Kelly on Dialogue SheetsRetrospectives are a key tool in the Agile toolkit. But, they aren’t easy.
Some teams do them regularly – but they can become boring and repetitive.
Other teams don’t do them – they lack the time, the energy or they don’t have a suitable facilitator.

To overcome these problems, and enhance teamwork, Allan Kelly has created a series of Retrospective Dialogue Sheets. These are a new tool in the Agile toolkit to inject some fun and variety into retrospectives. They also abolish the role of retrospective facilitator!

This is a hands on session, everyone will get a go at undertaking a simulated retrospective based on a dialogue sheet and will learn what a dialogue sheet is, how to use one, and find some new ways to improve your work. Feb 13: sign up here.

Expert Training: Russel Winder’s Python Workshop (Feb 13-16)Russel Winder's Python Workshop

In this 4-day Python Workshop, you will learn both low-level details of Python as well as the idiomatic design approaches in Python. We’ll start with the language basics after which we discuss various testing strategies and their rationale. Through lectures, exercises and discussions, we’ll introduce Concurrency and Parallelism after which we’ll learn about GUI’s. We’ll then explore Networking, XML processing and Persistence when developing applications with Python. On the final day of this Python course, you’ll work on an example of Python DSL, we’ll learn about Python extensions and extension testing and we’ll finish the course with an introduction to Django, Python Web Application frameworks and how to use dynamic techniques.
Book your place and find out more here:

Free talk: In The Brain of Kevin Ryan: Kanban For Agile Portfolio Management (Feb 13)

Kevin Ryan on KanbanThis presentation focuses on how Kanban can be applied in the areas of portfolio and programme management. Kevin shares his experiences and demonstrates how the principles of a Kanban system can be applied beyond the team level and can be adapted to support agile delivery at scale.

Throughout the presentation Kevin describes how to establish a portfolio that contains programmes of work to provide an alternative leadership framework to that of project management. He then demonstrates how these programmes of work can be structured to deliver prioritised initiatives using actionable metrics as success criteria rather than predictive date driven milestones. Feb 13: sign up here.

Expert Training: EriEric Evans Domain Driven Design Hands-On Immersion Workshopc Evans Domain Driven Design Hands-On Immersion Workshop (Feb 13-16)

Eric Evans’ 4-day Domain Driven Design Hands-On Immersion Workshop will teach you how to put the domain model to work. Finding and exploiting domain models is key to success with large software systems. By cultivating a strong connection between the language used by developers, appropriate models can dramatically accelerate the process of translating customer needs into working software. Strong domain modelling coupled with programming best practices such as exploiting design patterns, refactoring, and test-driven development result in a principled yet practical approach to the development of large software systems.
Book your place and find out more:
Aberto Brandolini on Drive your DBA Crazy in 3 easy steps

Free talk: In The Brain of Alberto Brandolini: Drive your DBA Crazy in 3 easy steps (Feb 14)

It’s there, it’s always been there. And you know that if you want to do Domain Driven Design seriously, you’ll have to challenge some of the assumptions that have been around for so much time that everybody forgot we were able to deliver working software also without them. Of course, not everybody’s going to like it. Oh well …that’s life!

In this talk, Alberto Brandolini focuses on all the little frictions you’re likely to have when you start a Domain Driven Design project, surrounded by data-driven people (whatever this term means). We’ll talk about aggregate modeling, ubiquitous language, bounded contexts and CQRS. …and of course whatever might come with this. Feb 14: sign up here.

Free talk: In The Brain of Damjan Vujnovic: Javascript Coding Kata (Feb 15)Damjan Vujnovic: Javascript Coding Kata

Damjan Vujnovic presents a coding kata on event-driven programming in JavaScript, using Jasmine and backbone.js. No previous Jasmine or backbone.js experience required — but make sure you bring your laptop!  Feb 15: sign up here.

Damjan Vujnovic: Javascript Coding Kata

Free talk: London Android User Group : Data bindings and core dev (Feb 16)

Robert Taylor presents for The London Android User Group on the data-binding framework “RoboBinding” and Duncan Cragg will give a talk for Londroid on Object Network. Feb 16: sign up here.

That’s it for next week!  Make sure you follow @skillsmatter and @jameschesters on Twitter in to join the discussion, and be the first to hear when the  Skillscast videos are published.  See you at Skills Matter next week.

Agile Testing @skillsmatter

As we rumble towards the end of the year at Skills Matter we still have a few magic tricks up our sleeve — with some fantastic Agile Testing events still to come.

First up is the sold-out Agile Testing & BDD eXchange at the end of this week. The Agile Testing & BDD eXchange is one of our longest-running and most popular conferences, this year’s exchange hosts high profile presentations from Gojko Adzic, Chris Matts, Matt Wynne, Christian Hassa, David Evans, Andrew Kemp, and Lasse Koskela.

If you haven’t got tickets already, don’t lose heart completely: you will be able to watch all the videos as they are published here.

Before the end of the month, on November 28th, the internationally renowned Uncle Bob Martin comes to Skills Matter to deliver his 3-day Advanced Test Driven Development Workshop.

This is a intense, hands-on and exercise driven TDD course written and delivered personally by Uncle Bob Martin, focusing on the design of clean, robust, and maintainable unit and acceptance tests. Join Uncle Bob for these 3 days and you will be among the lucky few to learn the principles of test design, and the practices of keeping tests clean. More importantly, you will learn the principles of designing applications for testability.  Get more info and sign up here.

Uncle Bob is also going to be giving a free In the Brain talk to a full house of eager architects on November 28th as he presents on “Why can’t anyone get Web architecture right?“.

Uncle Bob asks when we will learn that “WEB” is not an architecture? When will we finally remember that an application is an application regardless of whether it is delivered on the web, or on a fat client, or on a text terminal? Uncle Bob asserts that the delivery mechanism is NOT the architecture.

This event is totally full and we have now even closed the waiting list — but as with the Agile Testing & BDD eXchange, you can still watch the videos the next day here.

Following on from Uncle Bob, the TDD samurai Damjan Vujnovic comes to Skills Matter on November 29 with a talk on Component-based, event-driven micro-architecture for building JavaScript applications.

It might sound like a mouthful, but in this talk Damjan will use the power of Test-Driven Development and event-driven paradigm to steer the architecture towards a loosely-coupled, component based system.  There’s still some places left for this free talk, so sign up now while you can here.

Still buzzing from his conference appearances this year, Robert D. Schneider presents Mission Critical Service Testing Using soapUI Pro at Skills Matter over two days from December 1. Robert’s two day Mission Critical Service Testing Using soapUI will teach you how to use the powerful capabilities of soapUI Pro to answer important questions prior to placing these services into production.

If you are a Software Developer or Architect, QA Tester, IT Manager or Web Professional and want to learn how to employ test automation to improve the quality of your software projects, find out more here.

And Robert will be giving a free In the Brain talk on December 1 on one of the hottest topics for the Skills Matter community: Big data and NOSQL. Robert will explore why the new non-relational database technologies are gaining so much traction, how they work, and how you can decide if they’re the right fit for you.  Sign up for free here.

Before the year is out, Skills Matter is also excited to be welcoming the globe-trotting Agile Testing expert Janet Gregory. Janet starts her Practical Agile Testing workshop on December 7, and doesn’t leave for three days — not until she has demonstrated ways to overcome common cultural and logistical obstacles in transitioning to an agile development process, and how your whole team contributes to the success of any testing practices, including test automation.  The places for Janet’s Agile Testing workshop won’t be around for long, so make sure you check it out and sign up here.

As usual, while these might be the Agile Testing highlights for now it doesn’t all end there — we will return with plenty more Agile Testing in the new year, with Gojko Adzic, more from Uncle Bob, and Pekka Klarck’s Robot Framework.

But what experts or subjects would you most like to see covered? Let us know and we can make it happen.

Weekipedia — this week and next @skillsmatter 26 August

It’s been an unusually damp week in London at Skills Matter — but that hasn’t stopped our friends and experts from coming to our Clerkenwell home.

The week was started as it was going to continue, with Semantic Web style from the legendary Brian Sletten.  It was a rare visit for the talented Mr Sletten, but that made it all the more valuable for the dedicated developers who joined his five-day workshop — and at risk of spoiling the ending, I can tell you know that every one of them made it through all five days.  What did they have to say about the class?  I think one Twitterer spoke for the whole class with ” Must admit my mind has been blown away by what I have learned this week“.  Brian’s response? “Mission Accomplished”.

In true Skills Matter style, while Brian was with us he kindly gave an In the Brain talk — “REST: Beyond the Basics“.  Brian was taken at his word and went beyond the basics of REST on into security, Hypermedia-driven Representation design, and versioning of RESTful services. Follow the link to watch the Skillscast recording from Tuesday night for free on the Skills Matter site.

Globetrotting Agile Testing expert Janet Gregory touched down at Skills Matter on Wednesday, for three days of Agile Testing.  As warm and friendly as she is expert in her field, Janet is always well-received when she comes to London — and her talk to the community on Wednesday on Agile Testing Practices was filled almost to capacity.  Did you make it along?  If you didn’t — you know you can watch the skillscast video of Janet Gregory on ATDD and Agile Testing, don’t you?

The last Thursday of every month at Skills Matter welcomes the Hacker News London Meetup group — for readers of the amazing Hacker News, as well as assorted tech and startup junkies. This month brought talks and demos from:
Jacob Aldridge on Paul Graham’s Trough of Sorrow
Robert Rees and Simon Hill on Looking for Wazoku
Federico Marani on Building
Mark Fernie on Retroshare

I also had the pleasure of meeting Sanford Dicket, a man known for many things but not least for his support of New York tech scene and his work on the Texai robotic telepresence.  If you have the chance to bump into Sanford, he’s a fascinating person to speak to — and if you don’t get a chance, you can watch his live presentation of Texai at the New York Tech Meetup last year here.

What does next week bring to Skills Matter?  Other than a bank holiday on Monday, there is a lot going on.

London Software Craftmaship Community: Crafting Object-Oriented code – August 30

London Software Craftmanship CommunityIn this London Software Craftsmanship Community coding session, developers will work in pairs to solve a given code kata.  BUT WAIT!  There are rules.  Developers will be presented with a set of rules they need to stick to, driving their design towards object-orientation and crafted code. TDD is mandatory. At the end, a couple of pairs will present their code and we will discuss what we learned. Bring a laptop with your favourite tools installed. Suitable for any Object-Oriented language.  August 30: sign up here.

WebOS London:What now for WebOS? – August 30webOS user group London

This is the first official meetup of the WebOS group — and what a lot there will be to discuss! The night will feature a quick demo of the TouchPad; a show and tell of Pre-, Pre2, TouchPad, and any other WebOS devices we have handy. This will be followed by “everything you need to know about using the TouchPad”, including how to install Preware and patches to make it even faster and the regular feature “App of the Month and Patch of the Month” where we highlight and demo an app and a patch that we think rocks, and ask the audience for their suggestions. The evening is rounded off with open discussion on “What now for WebOS?” and then more discussion in the pub! August 30: sign up here.

Neo4J User Group : Modelling with Graphs – August 31Neo4j User Group

Neo4j is a powerful and expressive tool for storing, querying and manipulating data.  However modelling data as graphs is quite different from modelling data under with relational databases.  In this talk, Alistair Jones will cover modelling business domains using graphs and show how they can be persisted and queried in the popular open source graph database Neo4j.  Alistair will also discuss strategies for deciding how to proceed when a graph allows multiple ways to represent the same concept, and explain the trade-offs involved. August 31: sign up here.

In The Brain of Allan Kelly: What does it take to be an Agile company? – September 1Allan Kelly

Everyone wants to be Agile, or so it seems. But what does that mean? What does the Agile company do that others don’t? In this talk Allan Kelly considers what it means to be Agile and what you need to do to be an Agile company, rather than a company which just follows an Agile method. September 1: sign up here.

In The BrJames Strachanain of James Strachan: Riding the Camel – August 31

Integration is often hard and messy. In this talk, James Strachan will introduce you to the Enterprise Integration Patterns as a way to describe and define integration solutions. Then James will introduce Apache Camel as a really simple and powerful way to solve your integration problems – where integration literally becomes writing integration rules in “lego style” by wiring together EIP patterns, endpoints and beans. This is done using the Camel DSL, which comes in multiple flavors such as Java, XML, Groovy and Scala. September 1: sign up here.

Simon Brown’s Software Architecture for Developers Workshop – Sept 1-2Simon Brown

Simon Brown’s 2-day Software Architecture for Developers course is about broadening your software development skills and has been designed to take full advantage of the technical knowledge that you already have.  This could be Java, .NET or something else. Simon Brown’s software architecture development course will make you more ‘architecturally aware’, and will help you to build better software. It’s about pragmatic and real-world software architecture rather than academic “ivory tower” software architecture and is presented by Simon Brown. Software Architecture for Developers is a comprehensive two day training course that will jumpstart your way to becoming a software architect. Book here:

In The Brain of Simon Brown: Effective Sketches – September 1

The code might be the architecture but at some point in time youʼre going to have to explain how it works and thatʼs when the whiteboard pens make their appearance. Where do you start though? How much detail should you include? Technology decisions included or omitted?  UML or block diagrams?  Join deliberate practice expert Simon Brown for a look at some typical diagramming bloopers, and he will show you how to produce effective sketches. September 1: sign up here.

And that’s how it looks next week — not a bad line-up for a four-day week!  Don’t forget, as always you can follow us on Twitter, “Like” us on Facebook, join our LinkedIn groups, sign up to our newsletters, or best of all you can receive our Open Source Journal posted directly to your home or workplace.  Spread the word and support the Skills Matter community.

Weekipedia — this week and next @skillsmatter

What a week that was for us at Skills Matter! The panic on the streets of London left this town looking like a ghost town by Tuesday night — although thankfully our Clerkenwell home was free from violence and unrest, the same can’t be said for all our staff and members of the community.

Monday night at Skills Matter was welcomed in by the London Ruby User Group, with two expertly delivered talk. The first talk came from Gareth Rushgrove about using configuration management tools like Chef to set things up, and Vagrant to easily manage the virtual machines from the command line. Watch Gareth’s LRUG talk here:

Paul Mucur followed gave a presentation on Puppet, on how configuration management allowed him to not only install and configure servers quickly and in a repeatable way, but also let him feel confident about the consistency of each and every machine to which he deployed. Watch Paul’s LRUG talk here: Remember, our recordings include video, slides and coding from the talks — and are usually available the morning following any presentation at Skills Matter. Our podcasters are the unsung heroes of Skills Matter — if you see one around, show them some love!

Following hot on the heels of the London Ruby User Group, the London Ajax User Group took to centre stage on Tuesday night. Civil unrest over the weekend and on Monday in the cities had made some people understandably concerned about making it home — but those that came along to Skills Matter for LAUG were impressed with a talk from Jonathan Evans on Developing Web Apps with the Cappuccino framework. Cappuccino is not just for breakfast any more — and you can see for yourself what the fuss is about by watching the video here:

A combination of factors meant that talks originally planned for Wednesday night were all postponed — including the London Scala User Group on Scalaz with Chris Marshall, a talk on Coffeescript with Andrew Chalkley, and a talk from the excellent Allan Kelly on How to be an Agile Company. But attendees were encouraged not to lose heart, the events have all been rescheduled. Check out the list below for details!

In The Brain of Allan Kelly: What does it take to be an Agile company? – September 1Allan Kelly

Everyone wants to be Agile, or so it seems. But what does that mean? What does the Agile company do that others don’t? In this talk Allan Kelly considers what it means to be Agile and what you need to do to be an Agile company, rather than a company which just follows an Agile method. September 1: sign up here.

London Scala User Group: Practical Scalaz: making your life easier the hard way – September 14Chris Marshall

Previous talks have concentrated on the fundamentals and construction of the scalaz. In this talk, Chris Marshall (one of only four scala gold-badged users on StackOverflow) will concentrate on using Scalaz to help make certain tasks easier and to avoid repeating yourself. September 14: sign up here.

So what is on the table for next week at Skills Matter?

Scrum in action The inimitable Martine Devos will be with us imparting several decades worth of real-world Scrum experience to two enthusiastic classes at Skills Matter. This is your chance to get yourself certified by a real enthusiastic and persuasive expert — Martine delivers her Certified ScrumMaster and Estimation class on August 15 & 16, followed by her Certified Scrum Product Owner class on August 18 & 19. Martine takes no prisoners with these hands-om and immersive Scrum courses — if you want to get that Scrum certification, you have to jump in!
Certified Scrum Master: Aug 15-16book here.
Certified Scrum Product Owner: Aug 18-19book here.

F#unctional Londoners Meetup Group: Gary Short on Applied F# – August 16F#

In this presentation, Gary Short looks at how he uses F#, and we’ll see examples of F# used to calculate values for some of the metrics that are important in my line of work. August 16: sign up here.

In The Brain of Miles Sabin: Encoding Unboxed Union Types in Scala – August 16Miles Sabin: Advanced Scala

In this talk, advanced Scala expert Miles Sabin will show how we can encode union types in Scala. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to play cool and practically applicable tricks with Scala’s type system, then this is the place to be. August 16: sign up here.

In The Brain of Andrew Chalkley, Introduction to CoffeeScript – August 18Andrew Chalkley

Andrew Chalkley will review the core functionality of what CoffeeScript has to offer. Even if you don’t adopt CoffeeScript as part of your toolkit, it’s worth a look to learn how the resulting JavaScript is compiled in order to help with performance and other JavaScript best practices. August 18: sign up here.

So that’s how it stands for the next week — you’ve got Functional Programming from the F#unctional Londonders Meetup Group, Andrew Chalkley on CoffeeScript, Miles Sabin’s advanced Scala talk on encoding unboxed union types, and word-class Scrum training. What more could you possibly want — other than, in the words of Elvis Costello, “peace, love and understaning”? Just wait until you see what is coming up later in the month!

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